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The source code of this website is licensed under Unlicense

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The content on this website is licensed under CC0 4.0

Why these licenses?

Licensing is permissive - feel free to ideate, alter, copy, etc. anything you find on this website (attribution is appreciated but not required)
The goal of this website is twofold: to be informative (of my own campaigns), and to help facilitate fun and inspiration (in the campaigns of others), having a strict license just stands in the way of those goals too much.

Acknowledgement is appreciated (especially if redistributing as commercial work) - but not required


This website was made with the help of third-party components, listing them all is impossible, but here are some of the most important ones. Licensing for these components is likely to differ from the site-license.

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Inspiration is drawn from many different sources - when possible, it is included in the content somewhere. A lot of places are also completely made up from the ground with creativity.