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GP is the only primary currency used

money-only-gp reduces-complexity combat overworld

There are originally 5 currencies in D&D - copper, silver, gold, electrum, and platinum.
This rule adjusts it so that gold (GP) is the only currency you hold.


  • Less things to keep track of
  • Solves 'oh, i have 1 gold piece, I'll have your axe for 50 silver. can you trade me for 50 silver and that axe?'.


  • Distorts game balance
  • Might feel weird giving 'one gold piece' to a beggar as a donation



Referenced units will be in metrics rather than imperial

units-metric reduces-complexity combat overworld

D&D is a game created in America, and thus uses imperial units (like pounds and miles.)
With this rule in place, metric units will be used (like kilograms and kilometers.)


  • Groups used to metric units will have an easier time visualising distance, weight, and scale.

Prefer role-playing / 'realism' for carry capacity rather than a loot table with weight.

no-encumbrance reduces-complexity weight combat overworld

Encumberance is a mechanic to indicate you are carrying too much. When set, this complication can be foregone
This does not mean you can carry whatever you want - it's unrealistic to have 5 axes and 2 greatswords.
It just means that players are competent and trustworthy enough to decide for themselves whether or not if they can carry it or not,
and are willing to forego realism in favor of convienience.
The DM will have the final say on whether or not you can carry this new item you're about to pick up.

Near-death situations or traumatic events may leave lingering injuries on characters

injuries-linger enhancement combat overworld

NPCs, player-characters, animals and more may sustain long-term injuries that cannot be restored with a low-skill healing spell
or healing potion. Think about broken bones, or gaining new (negative) traits like trauma.
It would take seeking some medical person in a town, a long rest or a long period of time, or something else to restore this injury.


  • Players are incentivised to avoid (near) death

Good roleplaying, creative thinking, and unique approaches get rewarded

rule-of-cool enhancement combat overworld

Players get rewarded for thinking outside of the box and applying creative problem solving.


  • Incentivizes good roleplaying

Flanking an enemy gives you a bonus to your roll

flanking-bonus enhancement combat

When flanking an enemy, an agreed upon value is added to your roll - e.g. +1 or +2

Healing Potions become a bonus action

bonus-action-healing-potions enhancement combat

Official rules suggest healing potions are a primary action, with this rule in place that is no longer the case.


  • Might make combat too easy, affecting balancing

Helping Actions require Proficiency in the relevant skill

help-requires-proficiency enhancement combat overworld

A low-arcana barbarian cannot assist a high-arcana wizard with an arcana skill check.
A high-strength barbarian cannot be assisted by a low-strength wizard with a strength skill check.

A natural 20 is (nearly) guaranteed success. A natural 1 is (nearly guaranteed) failure.

critical-skill-checks enhancement combat overworld

If you roll fantastic, you can do things you normally cannot. And the inverse.


  • Leads to potentially awkward situations
  • DM needs to pay a lot of attention to what players roll for to avoid long-term campaign problems

Weapon Sheathe / Drawing is unnecessary

disable-weapon-sheathing enhancement combat

When combat begins, weapons are automatically drawn. You may still role-play that you draw or sheathe your weapon, of course.
Disarming can still happen, in which case the weapon needs to be picked up.
Optional: Surprise attacks, ambushes, etc. still require retrieving your weapon(s).

Roll hit die for HP on level up

levelup-roll-hp enhancement character

Rolling for HP on level up
Optional: The con modifier may also be used.
Optional: Grant re-rolls on streaks of bad luck.


  • Promotes fun

Reaching 0 HP may not cause you to faint

0hp-may-not-faint enhancement combat

You can still do minor actions


  • Allow a fainted player to do something while on 0 HP so they aren't just out and rolling.


  • May reduce stakes of combat

Inspiration is granted for certain actions

inspiration-enhancements enhancement inspiration combat overworld

Inspiration may be granted on some of the following:
- Joining the session on time
- End of the session MVP vote
- End of combat MVP vote
Optional: Inspiration resets on session.


  • Makes it easier to award inspiration points
  • Makes it harder to forget about the inspiration mechanic